Eatons Hill State School Tennis Centre

Southern Cross Tennis runs an indoor facility at the Eatons Hill State School tennis courts. We offer private lessons, junior and senior squads, so come visit our prime indoor courts and play some killer tennis. We also offer a FREE tennis racquet pack when you sign up for any of our programs, the pack includes: A Hotshots shirt, tennis grip, shock absorber, sweat bands and a brand new racquet all for FREE!

Eatons Hill State School,
Marylin Terrace, QLD 4037

Southern Cross Tennis Eatons Hill indoor tennis facility


To book now call Jessica on 0466 883 899, email us or book a tennis coaching program online.

Hot Shots Classes
Join a second lesson and receive 25% off

Eatons Hill State School,
Marylin Terrace,
Eatons Hill, QLD 4037