Kelvin Grove State College

Southern Cross Tennis in the past has had a huge involvement with Kelvin Grove state College. With the school being a school of excellence for tennis, there are always new talented players coming up in the ranks. Southern Cross Tennis not only provided the students in the past with coaching at school but gave players the opportunity to join the Development Squad and Elite Squad with our coaches at Samford as well. Many of our current Elite Squad players attend Kelvin Grove State College however participate in our Elite Program at Samford Parklands before and after school.

1. Development of Tennis skills

  • Skills assessment/video analysis
  • Tactical play/match analysis
  • Interschool matches are planned with other schools eg. Boys Grammar and Nudgee College.

2. Development of Fitness

  • Physiotherapist screening/individual programs
  • Components – aerobic/stretching/agility/speed
  • Strength training program/ rehabilitation training

3. Preparation for Tournaments

  • Goal setting/time management
  • Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Sports Medicine (injury prevention)
  • Codes of Behaviour

4. Education of the Player and Career options

  • Coaching Principles in Schools, Level I
  • Sports Medicine Awareness

If you would like to find out more about our Elite Programs at Southern Cross Tennis then please contact Jessica on 0466883899

Kelvin Grove players working with Southern Cross Tennis