Last Sunday 6th August we had our Southern Cross Tennis Annual Red & Orange Tournament. Thank you to everyone who came along on the day to support their children. For some this may have been their first tournament, for others they were trying to better their results from last year.Everyone who participated showed wonderful sportsmanship towards their opponents which really made for a great day of tennis. All our coaches absolutely love seeing the kids play in real competition. It is a chance for us to see how they are going and enjoy watching them use their skills they have been practicing throughout the year.
In previous years we have had the Red,Orange, Green & Yellow events on the same day. Due to the enormous amount of entries last year we decided to split the events over 2 wonderful days for our 2017 competition. This year did not disappoint with over 40 entrants in the Red Hotshots Event and over 50 in the Orange Hotshots Event. The Red Hotshots Event was wonderful to see all of our young players participating, scoring and having lots of fun together. The Semi Finals and Finals had some very tight matches and was great viewing for the spectators. Our overall Winner for the Red Ball competition was Matthew Heidstra and Runner Up was Donne Mader. The Orange event was equally as exciting with some of our young and talented juniors fighting it out in the final. Our overall Orange Hotshots Winner was Duaan Mader and the Runner Up was Luke Engelbrecht. It was great to see all our Samford and Eatons Hill players versing new people that they have never come across. It was a great day of tennis and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves! To all the parents who attended the day, thank you for your support and for driving your children our on a Sunday. We hope you and the kids had a fantastic day and we hope to see you next year 🙂