Southern Cross Tennis Pathways

Southern Cross Tennis has a large amount of experience in the tennis world. We are able to support whatever pathway you want to go down, tournaments, coaching, or just for fun. We love tennis and can get you where you want to go. Check out our Programs and see what we can offer, or come visit us in Samford and Eaton Hills.
The most common pathway is our player path. Love the game? Want to have fun? Want some exercise? This is the pathway for you. Check out or awesome chart below.

  • Red Hot Shots
  • Orange Hot Shots
  • Green Hot Shots
  • Private Lessons
  • Junior Development Squads
  • Advanced Squads
  • Adult Fitnique
  • Elite Squads
  • Full Time Squads
  • Professional Tennis Player


We also have a number of players who choose to go down the Tournament pathway. If you want to take the game more seriously and have the time, then this can be a fun and rewarding path. See our tournament paths in the chart below!

  • Red Hot Shots Tournaments
  • Orange Hot Shots Tournaments
  • Green Hot Shots Tournaments
  • Development Circuit Tournaments
  • Advanced Squads
  • Super League
  • Adult Fixtures
  • Optus Pro Tour
  • AMT Tournaments
  • Pro Tour Tournaments